First Snow In Laurel, MD

Ok, its not the very first snowfall in Laurel, MD.  However, it is the first snowfall that wasn’t there when we went to sleep, but was there when we woke up.  Even though I am an adult married man with a family it is still a bit of a thrill to see snow on the ground.

I have a busy weekend.  Last night my granddaughter slept over for the first time.  Her mother and father live just up the street from us on Bond Mill Rd in Laurel Md.  This morning I go to a church on Route 197 (Laurel-Bowie Road) to rehearse for the King Sing.  The King Sing will be performing in Laurel Md in February.  If you want more info, please email me.

After the rehearsal its off to Silver Spring Md to show property.  Then to end the night, I am chaperoning a dance at my church First United Methodist on Main Street in Laurel Md.  I will probably end this day around 11 p.m.

Then I get up tomorrow for an equally full day again. More on that tomorrow.


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