Dinner At Bottom Of The Bay Seafood In Laurel, Maryland

Last night my wife and I were in the mood for some seafood in Laurel, Maryland.  Laurel has a couple of seafood restaurants.  Unfortunately, the Chesapeke Bay and Surf is no longer around.  We decided to give Bottom of the Bay Seafood a try.  In the past, we have bought crabs to go and been pleased with the food.

The Bottom of the Bay Seafood is located at 9590 North Laurel Rd in Laurel Maryland.  Bottom of the Bay Seafood is a very casual place.  It has bar and a restaurant.  People wore tank-tops and shorts.  Very, very casual.

We were seated next to the men’s bathroom.  During our meal, my wife watched a parade of men going in and out of the men’s room.  She discovered that many of the men would forget to lock the door.  Several times someone opened the door and quickly said, “excuse me” and shut the door quickly.  Late in our meal, one of the emoployees left two full trash cans right behind me.

We ordered a crab cream soup and a crab cake platter.   The soup was cold and we sent it back.  The one bright spot was the crab cakes.  They were good and quite large.  In fact, my wife and I split the platter which comes with two crab cakes.  No shells in the cakes.

My wife and I decided we might order crabs to go in the future, but we will never eat there again.


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