Did You See That?

How will these tough economic times effect Laurel, Md. real estate? Well did you watch the stock market yesterday?  After dropping over 700 points it went back up almost 500 points.

Did you see that?

All this gloom and doom about how bad the stock market is doing because of all these businesses going under.  Now that the market shot up again, does that mean everything is ok?  No ofcourse not.  The stock market will survive anything.  It has survived wars, natural disasters and even the 9/11 tragedy.  The stock market is not a good way to judge where we are financially.

I am not sure what is a good way to judge where we are economically as a country.  I will tell you this….I believe it is a global economy.  All countries effect each other.  So where we are is connected to where everyone else is.

So how is all this going to effect Maryland real estate?  I am not sure.  The lenders I work with are ready to lend.  No one has told me they don’t have any money.  There has been some tightening of the rules, but not prohibitively so.   However, to counter that, prices have come down significantly.

You know what this is?  This is a great time to buy a home in Laurel Md.  In fact, its a great time time to buy any Maryland real estate.

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