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One of Maryland real estate’s highlights is the town of University Park, Maryland.  This is another representative of Prince George’s County that features a population of 2500 within an area of .5 square miles.  University Park is a place that is proud of its heritage and its citizens, maintaining a website and publicizing town activities.

Surrounding University Park are the cities of Hyattsville and College Park, the town of Riverdale Park and several unincorporated Prince George’s County areas.  Within the town’s borders, visitors (and residents) enjoy a public part and a branch of the Anacostia River.

This is a town that was incorporated in 1936, expanded and added its own town council, sanitation services and police department.

Students of University Park are served by the University Park Elementary School, Hyattsville Middle School and Northwestern High School.  Some of the University Park high school students attend a Greenbelt school, Eleanor Roosevelt High School.

Only two miles from Washington, DC, many consider this to be the best place to live for immediate access to the nation’s capital.  University Park is also adjacent to the University of Maryland, a location that adds flavor and a certain touch of scholastic presence.  This is truly a quiet, residential community that has built a memorial to the September 11 devastation and continues to memorialize those affected by that event.

This is an unusual, secluded place with tree-lined streets, a large park and a large number of residents who take pride in their home.  While all of the communities that constitute Maryland real estate are unique, the location and charm of University Park set it apart from many.