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A small but extremely interesting member of the Maryland real estate listing of communities, Oakmont, in Bethesda, Maryland is a remarkable area.  Oakmont describes itself as a tree-lined residential community that consists of sixty homes and fewer than 200 residents.  But the attraction to this tiny location is enhanced by the location of the National Institutes of Health on the next street, Ayrlawn Park at the end of the street and an extraordinary sense of community.

Oakmont is located in Montgomery County and was chartered in 1918.  The town residents speak of its history that can be traced back to an 18th century Indian trade route.  That road was later named the Rockville Pike.  From there, the history is connected to that of Bethesda Park as that location featured an amusement park that required a trolley trip through the Oakmont area. When Bethesda Park was destroyed by a hurricane in 1896, Oakmont was formed from the park land in 1918 by three neighbors who wanted Oakmont to become a municipal reality.

Oakmont is full of new residents, citizens who have been in the area for many years and those who have left and returned.  They are served by Montgomery County Public Schools as well as the Montgomery County Police.  Their website is full of useful information and photos of community events, all of which speak to this being a small but extremely cohesive and active group of residents.

This is not a place for everyone nor is it a locale that will be prevalent in national headlines.  It is small, intimate, unified and definitely unusual in an area replete with large cities.  But if this is your style and you prefer a spot in Maryland real estate that is smaller, quieter and full of charm, Oakmont may well be the ticket.  It is very happy with who it is and hope that you share that affection.