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As a unique example of Maryland real estate, Greenbelt, Maryland is located in Prince George’s County.  Greenbelt is a city contained within the historic planned community known locally as “Old Greenbelt” and is designated as the Greenbelt Historic District.

Occupying 6.0 square miles, Greenbelt is known as a public cooperative community, part of the New Deal Era.  Three “green” towns were developed at that time by the US Resettlement Administration, including Greenbelt, Greendale, Wisconsin and Greenhills, Ohio.  According to the 2010 census, the population of Greenbelt was 23, 068.

Home of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt also boasts Greenbelt Park and Greenbelt Arts Center.  But Greenbelt is especially proud of its education system, compliments of Prince George’s County Public Schools.  This system in Greenbelt consists of three public elementary schools, the Friends School, two private elementary and two private middle schools.  One of its two private high schools, St. Anselm’s Abby, is considered to be one of the best private high schools in the nation.

With numerous large employers in the Greenbelt area, it comes as no surprise that the annual median household income is $61,180 with median house or condo values at $223, 700.  Located seven miles from Silver Spring, MD and nine miles from Washington, DC, Greenbelt residents enjoy proximity to those areas while maintaining the unique profile of public administration, construction and educational services professions.

Some of the notable locations in Greenbelt include the Capitol Office Park, Greenbelt Branch Library, Greenbelt Branch Prince George’s County Memorial Library and the Beltway Plaza Mall Shopping Center.  The diverse Greenbelt population attends many churches in the area, including Saint Hugh Catholic Church, Greenbelt Baptist Church and Greenbelt Community Church.

Parks in the area include Schrom Hills Recreation Center, Greenbelt Park and Greenbelt Lake Park as well as the reservoir at Greenbelt Lake. No matter what your preferred venue may be, there are recreational opportunities throughout the Greenbelt area.

Greenbelt creates its own distinct impression in the collection of Maryland real estate options.  It has a unique history, a culture like no other and an opportunity to live in the manner that you choose.  This is certainly not a real estate location to be overlooked.