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Garrett Park, MD

If you’re looking for a charming, authentic and unpretentious little town with great proximity to big cities and the intimacy of small town living, Garrett Park is it. Garrett Park is a town in Montgomery County, named for a former Baltimore and Ohio President, either John or Robert Garrett.  As of 2000 census, its population was 917.

But Garrett Park has everything that you need in Maryland real estate, if you understand the advantages of a small town.  It has considerable history, the obligatory few stores and it’s generally a great place to live.


Incorporated in 1898, the land was purchased by a businessman named Henry W. Copp, for the purposes of building a suburban development.  With that intention, he limited the commercial alternatives with the consequence of stagnating development.  As society became more automated and automobiles replaced trains, additional houses were built.

But in 1982, residents voted to ban any contact with nuclear weapons within the town, making it the first nuclear-free zone in the United States.  Many sites within the town are included in the Garrett Park Historic District that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


With a town the size of Garrett Park, you won’t find any major universities or centers of academic influence.  But the elementary, middle and high schools are to be found here, all part of the Montgomery County School system.


This is a residential town with not much more than a post office, few small businesses and one road, Maryland State Highway 547 that goes into and out of town.  You won’t find any mail delivery here; the residents prefer to visit the post office to collect their mail.  But when you want to leave by rail, Garrett Park is served by the MARC train Brunswick line.


Make no mistake.  You’ll find no Broadway, no multi-level shopping malls and no convention centers in Garrett Park.  Those who live here choose to visit such venues at will rather than by necessity.

But there are a number of great reasons to find yourself and your family in Garrett Park. The schools offer the advantage of small classrooms in a community where people know each other.  Garrett Park shows the diversity of Maryland real estate. 

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