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Much like her sister city Germantown,
Gaithersburg residents are primarily people that commute to work in the
DC. area.  The close proximity to the nations capital makes
Gaithersburg a prime spot for residence.  An effect of this proximity
is seen in the diverse and active community of over 50,000 residents.

Gaithersburg enjoys a
strong economy, with local industry as well.  Major economic activities
are biotechnology, telecommunications, and software development. Many
of these activities are related to Federal Government contracts.
Because of Gaithersburg’s proximity to the Nation’s Capital and these
major industries, the City hosts many visitors, both foreign and

The city is very
involved with the residents.  Throughout the year, the City sponsors
many cultural events. During the spring and summer months, the City
Hall Pavilion is busy with musical and theater groups, movies, and
other special events. Art exhibits are located in various City
facilities year round.

Another city sponsored activity is Olde
Towne Gaithersburg Day where residents gather on the streets of the
City’s Olde Towne district to enjoy good food, arts and crafts, and a
variety of family entertainment while celebrating the City’s
heritage.   Other activities is the Winter Lights, an extraordinary
light display held in partnership with Seneca Creek State Park. To
celebrate the holidays, people from all over come to see hundreds of
holiday images created by colorful lights along a 3.5 mile drive.

covers a relatively large geographical area, with many communities
outside the city limits.  Originally farm land, development began in
the area now referred to as Montgomery Village in the eastern area of
Gaithersburg.  In 1966 the first residental area was developed on a 412
acre area that had been a farm owned by the Walker family.  Currently
the Montgomery Village area is home to 40,000 homes.

In the
western sections of Gaithersburg is an area south of Route 28, known as
North Potomac.  This area is home to some of the most wooded home sites
in the county.  Quiet communities surrounded by parks and nature
trails, this area has become very popular.  It is also home to some of
the best schools, not just in the area, but the nation as well!
Lastly, the Kentlands and Lakelands ( communities
were developed in the heart of Gaithersburg on a former farm estate
dating back to 1723.  Kentlands has become a nationally recognized
area for its mix of architecture, pedestrian-friendly environment. and

Gaithersburg is a
fiscally responsible City that has not incurred any bond debts since
1963. It has a pay-as-you-go financial philosophy that allows the City
to enjoy a prosperous economic status. Taxes on citizens of the City
have remained the same for more than 30 years, making Gaithersburg an
attractive place to live.

The City logo, an
oak tree encircled by a green “G,” reflects the small-town ambiance of
Gaithersburg and the importance of trees in its past and present,
representing a constant in Gaithersburg’s metamorphosis from country
village to urban community. It has been recognized as a “Tree City USA”
since 1986.  If your looking for a safe town to raise a family,
Gaithersburg is the place to be.