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Fort Meade Maryland is located just about five miles to the east of Laurel Md, sandwhiched between Jessup and Odenton in Anne Arundel County.  It is named after Civil War Union General Geaorge Meade.  General Meade had several successful battles against Conferderate General Robert E. Lee.  Fort Meade is also bordered by Odenton Md.

Established on 19,000 acres back in 1917, Fort Meade, Md.  has expanded several times in its history.  Despite being scheduled to close a few times the fort has remained.  Fort Meade Md most famous resident is the National Security Administration (NSA).  The NSA is a great boon to the Maryland real estate in the area.  The forts’ proximity to Washington D.C.  make it an ideal meeting place for numerous United States Military meetings.

Fort Meade Md is scheduled for additional expansion.  By the year 2010 the military is planning to move a couple more defense agencies to Fort Meade.  This is all part of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) that was started in 2005.