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Homes for sale in Edmonston Md.

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Prepare for a brand new look at Maryland real estate when you visit Edmonston, Maryland, a community that calls itself a “bridging community.”  Tracing its roots back to 1742, Edmonston has a fascinating history of settlement, railroad growth throughout the US and a population that traces its blossoming growth to the proximity to the nation’s capital.

Twenty-first century Edmonston is also quite proud of being an eco-friendly community that dedicates much of its energies and activities toward saving our planet.  This is one of the objectives of their landmark Code Enforcement Department that concerns itself with such contemporary issues as monitoring and enforcing compliance in areas such as overgrown lots or yards, illegal signs, structure maintenance and public nuisances.

As of 2007, the Edmonston population numbered 994, a small but socially-conscious community.  The average home or condo value in Edmonston is $280,000, slightly lower than the $318,000 Maryland average.  Edmonston is bordered by Bladensburg, Riverdale Park, Hyattsville, North Brentwood, East Riverdale, Brentwood, Cottage City and Colmar Manor – all within two miles.  This proximity to numerous cities and Washington DC provide both employment opportunities and recreational options for all population segments.

This is a charming edition of Maryland real estate.  Visit for a day or to make it your home and you will be pleasantly surprised by the friendly population, historic surroundings and inviting properties.