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A recognizable and treasured component of Maryland real estate is the established community of Derwood, Maryland.  This is an area within Montgomery County that is located between Rockville, Olney and Laytonsville. Some still refer to this as the Rockville area while a taste for the more sophisticated results in the name “Derwood.”

Derwood’s history can be traced to the 1880s when it was a train stop for the B & O railroad. This neighborhood is now known as the Derwood Station area.  A second railroad station was built there by late 1889, followed by a small community surrounding the railroad station.  This station was destroyed by fire in 1954 and thanks to the reduced popularity of rail transportation, it was never rebuilt.

Derwood is now a primarily residential area with homes built primarily in the 1970s and early 2000s and populated primarily by well-to-do professionals and families.  Affordable townhomes are available but most of the homes in the area are single-family, deluxe addresses.

This community is part of the Montgomery County Public Schools and is served by five elementary, three middle and two high schools.  Numerous community and civic organizations flourish in Derwood, include the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army and diverse community centers.

Derwood is a place worth knowing and investigating. It cherishes and celebrates its history while enjoying its proximity to our nation’s capital and the plentiful historical venues that surround it.  Plan a trip to Derwood to see what makes it unique and learn how it has persevered through difficult times and cultural changes.