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What’s unique in Maryland real estate?  Many believe that it’s Dayton, Maryland, due to its location in Howard County, its population of approximately 3,000 people and the Crossroads Pub with its legendary blue crabs. The area of Dayton occupies 7.8 square miles.

With an average home price of $323,000 and median household income of $103,000, this is neither an exclusive nor an ordinary community.  The residents of Dayton are an average age of 40, suggesting that these are young urban professionals who enjoy the proximity to the areas large cities with the isolation afforded by an unincorporated area.

A small amount of investigation concerning Dayton uncovers a number of interesting facts.  For example, Dayton public schools spend nearly $7,500 per student as compared to the average school expenditure of $5,700 in the US.  Just as important is the fact that classes are quite small, with an average of 14 students per teacher in Dayton.

Dayton’s economy is unlike the ordinary as well.  While the national employment rate is 9.1%, Dayton’s is 5.1%.  Jobs have increased in Dayton as well, with a .12% growth rate.  It is reasonable to conclude that this is an area that embraces growth and community improvement by attracting companies who will keep its residents employed.

Occupying zip code 21035, Dayton is a small, progressive and dynamic community.  It makes educating its young people a priority, keeping its citizens employed and profitable and making this an extremely desirable place to live.