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College Park, Maryland

The beautiful and historic city of College Park, Maryland, is one of the most family-friendly places to be found within the parameters of Maryland real estate offerings.  This is a city that caters to its children and adults with locations and attractions for all tastes.  At the same time, you will find this a city that is proud of its history and location, with numerous cultural and historic landmarks that are attractive both to residents and visitors.

Take a moment to review all of the history and tradition of this unique city. You will quickly see that its residents and visitors have always found it to be an important stop within the Maryland area.


College Park is proud of its ten playgrounds and tot-lots.  From the James Adams Park to the Calvert Hill Playground to the Hollywood Playground, kids are safe and welcome here. Whether it be a day on the swings or a family picnic, your family will find College Park one of Maryland real estate a site well worth considering for a growing family.


For the older, active Maryland resident, College Park is the home of some of America’s most prestigious addresses. For example, the University of Maryland is located in College Park and is highly regarded as one of the nation’s best-respected institutions. One of its most recent projects has been a website to participate in the growth and design of College Park’s architecture and image.


Because of its proximity to our nation’s capitol, College Park is the home to a number of government agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration and the National Archives and Records Administration.  The University of Maryland and University of Maryland University College are its largest employers, with a number of high profile companies also located here.


In addition to the university, College Park is served by the Prince George’s County Public Schools.  Within the district are public schools including four elementary, three middle and four high schools.  Five private school alternatives are also available, for those residents seeking the focus provided by parochial education.

Other Attractions

In addition to its proximity to the extraordinary resources and sites of Washington, DC, College Park contains the Art Gallery at the University of Maryland, the College Park Aviation Museum, the National Cryptologic Museum and the National Museum of Language.

Aside from its value for convenient transportation, the College Park Airport is one of the oldest, continuously operating airports in America.  It has been in operation since 1909 and in 1977, was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

There are numerous other reasons to be in College Park, including the Santa Fe Café, Tawes Theatre, Byrd Stadium and its numerous public, private and resort golf courses.

College Park, Maryland is one of the most desirable, historic and attractive examples of Maryland real estate.  With its university traditions, extraordinary landscapes, numerous sites and family-oriented attractions, it remains an excellent place to live.