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Homes For Sale Clarksville, Md.

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One of the larger and statelier portions of Maryland real estate is Clarksville, Maryland.  Clarksville is a land area of 15.7 square miles and a population of 56,000 people.  Named after William Clark, the historical owner of much of the land now known as Clarksville, this is a city that is known for having some of the most expensive properties on the east coast.

And the schools within Clarksville are distinctive as well.  These schools are part of the Howard County Public School system and in addition to being highly funded, are often considered some of the finest schools in the country.  Clarksville is also famous for a highly successful high school, River Hill.  This is a school that was ranked in the top half of Newsweek’s Top 1200 High School list; it ranks as one of the top schools in Maryland.

With an average gross income of over $137,000, the median home prices follow suit, averaging $689,000 per home or condo.  Residents of Clarksville are primarily white-collar, with a large percentage of these workers employed by private firms.  Crime and unemployment rates are predictably low while education levels achieved are higher than average.

Clarkesville is a community with a rich heritage, firmly established reputation for quality living and a Mecca for educational institutions.  Few areas rival Clarksville for prestige and livability, while its residents enjoy their privacy, elegance and location that provides access to the best of Maryland.