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As a part of the diverse Maryland real estate offerings, Calverton, Maryland occupies the role of a refreshing and uncluttered location.  It is unincorporated and census-designated and is located between Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties. Calverton consists of an area of 4.6 miles, with a population that numbers 17,724 as of the 2010 census and is considered a part of the Baltimore/Washington area.

Calverton straddles Prince George and Montgomery, with half of its elementary schools located in each.  In a time of declining population, Calverton’s population has steadily increased, showing an increase of over 50% since 2000.

Jobs have increased here as well, with the corresponding decrease in unemployment.  With a median home cost of approximately $336,000, the people of Calverton also enjoy schools with small classrooms and higher per student expenditures than the national average.

This is a part of Maryland that is full of picturesque natural venues and multiple areas for recreation.  With the added benefit of proximity to Washington DC and its numerous historic venues, Calverton boasts golf courses, parks and lakes that are inviting while easily accessed.

Calverton is a place that welcomes those who seek a quiet and comfortable community that constitutes some of the best of Maryland real estate.  It is defined by consistent emphasis on education, family values and a sense of community.  This is a town that serves as a scenic illustration of our country’s history, with its location and attention to the needs of its citizens.

The population is educated and diverse, the children are cherished and protected and the environment is a priority.  Calverton, Maryland contains all of the physical, cultural and historical features that characterize Maryland and render this a location worthy of visiting.

Calverton welcomes residents of all types and businesses that are consistent with this community’s traditional values. The increasing population attests to its strength and vitality.  As with numerous other Maryland areas, this is a place that is proud of its origins and what it has become.