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One of the brightest and most attractive representatives of Maryland real estate is the historic and picturesque town of Brookeville, Maryland.  This surprisingly charming location traces its origins to 1794 and is located approximately eighteen (18) miles north of Washington, DC.

This was the first incorporated municipality in Montgomery County and while it is now a thoroughly residential community, it was once a center of commerce and agriculture, boasting the origins of farming methods that were precursors to nationally-accepted agronomy standards.

Brookeville is also home to the Brookeville Academy, a preparatory school founded in 1814, and the oldest school in Montgomery County.  Brookeville is now a part of the Montgomery County Public Schools system and is joined by Sherwood High, Rosa Parks Middle School and Greenwood Elementary.

With a population of approximately 120 residents and its proximity to the Washington DC area, Brookeville is an affluent community, with a substantial percentage of its residents working in government or professional positions.  This is a quiet, comfortable and uniquely quaint town, one that has played a significant role in US history.

Brookeville is considered a larger area by the postal service than the traditional town boundaries.  This traditionally includes the area extending to the Patuxent River and Howard County border, with the inclusion of Sunshine and Brighton hamlets.  Its beauty is surrounded by the Reddy Branch Stream Valley Park, including a creek that flows west to east in the direction of the Patuxent.

Residents of Brookeville are typically educated, employed and financial well-established.  The per capita income is higher than the national average as is the median household income.  These are well-established residents, the majority of whom live in homes built in the 1990s and 1970s.

Visitors and residents will also enjoy the Patuxent River State Park, the Rachel Carson Conservation Park and the Triadelphia Reservoir.  While not a city that is full of tourist spots and recreational vehicle parks, a visit to Brookeville, MD will be one where both history and natural beauty prevail.  Families are a priority, comfortable and quiet living dominate and Brookeville’s citizens find this a beautiful, historic and safe place to live.