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Beltsville, Maryland

While a smaller member of the Maryland real estate collection of communities, Beltsville, Maryland has a rich and diverse history to contribute to the historic quality of this area.  Visitors and residents alike find Beltsville to be an extraordinary and desirable place to live, both because of what it represents and what place it occupies in our country’s history.


No adequate description of Beltsville can overlook the fact that this city dates back to 1649 when it was part of an 80,000-acre land grant to Richard Snowden I that was given by the Lord Baltimore of England.  From its very beginnings, this was an attractive location for comfortable homes, both for the wealthy and those who had only meager resources.  Its greatest strength was its fertile soil, perfect conditions for the profitable tobacco industry.

The history of Beltsville continues through the discovery of iron ore in this area and the location of one of the main thoroughfares in the area, making stagecoach travel a possibility.  This was also the site of a rail stop for the historic B & O Railroad and the community blossomed into a trading center and ultimately, a city.

In 2011, the desirability of Beltsville continues as it houses the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research service and Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC).  At the same time, numerous historic buildings remain in Beltsville, including a home built in 1773.


As a testimony to its history, Beltsville is proud of its ongoing commitment to superior education.  With its five public schools and three parochial schools, Beltsville assures its families that the ongoing tradition of excellence within Prince George’s County schools is maintained and perpetuated.

Beltsville is a member of the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System, among which are the Beltsville, Greenville and Laurel branches.


Whatever your tastes in recreation, Beltsville has something important and useful to offer.  Among these examples are the High Point High School Athletics Booster Club, Beltsville Community Center, Prince George’s Lacrosse Club, National Wildlife Visitors Center and the Beltsville Recreational Council.  Residents are also enthusiastic participants of such clubs as the Beltsville Garden Club, Beltsville Lions Club and numerous church-based events.

Community Commitment

With the feel of a small town with the proximity to our nation’s capitol, Beltsville is a remarkable contribution to the Maryland real estate landscape. Its history distinguishes it while its twenty-first century residents are dedicated to making it a meaningful, safe and traditionally-based environment.

Visit Beltsville and discover its potential for a special place to call home. It ranks among the most treasured venues in the Maryland area and with its historic sites, exceptional education and attraction for businesses, you will see that it is indeed a special place to live.