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With a population of around 95,000 people, Columbia, Maryland is the largest unincorporated community in the entire state. A suburb of Baltimore, as well as Washington D.C., Columbia began as a planned community in Howard County, opening up in 1967. Today, the city grows and thrives and Columbia MD real estate is widely popular for those seeking residency in the Baltimore or greater Washington D.C. area, or simply a place with much to offer in the realm of favorable amenities and design.

Created and designed by developer James W. Rouse, Columbia was envisioned as a community focused on human values as well as economics and engineering. A strong focused was centered on eliminating certain inconveniences of then-current subdivision design as well as eliminating racial, religious and income segregation. When designed, a panel of nationally recognized experts in social sciences was used to orchestrate an ideal environment considering various factors including education, recreation, religion and health care. The physical plan of Columbia was to evolve around neighborhoods with village centers. Currently there are ten different villages, each with multiple neighborhoods. The city’s street names are taken for famous works of art and literature, including namesakes from The Hobbit, Robert Frost poems and the works of Mark Twain.

In 2006, Money magazine considered Columbia #4 in the 100 Best Places to Live issue. With it’s unique founding, favorable surroundings and ideal shopping opportunities, Columbia lives and flourishes with a vibrant aura not common in other places in the country. Along with its shopping and dining opportunities, Columbia claims many unique social climates with outdoor music venues and stand up comedy clubs. Recreation outlets are also a main focus for Columbia with excellent public parks and amenities including outdoor swimming pools, batting cages, miniature golf, water slides and various skating rinks – numerous outdoor athletic courts can also be found. Many famous people have also noticed Columbia’s favorable surroundings, including Academy Award-nominated actor Edward Norton and Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Chabon.

For anyone looking for residence in the greater Baltimore or even Washington D.C. area, it’s certainly safe to say that Columbia MD real estate might just be a safe place to start a search. From its favorable location to an uncommon design, Columbia is a first rate community offering its residents all the right amenities. No matter what someone is after, you can be certain that Columbia, Maryland is a perfect place for anyone to call home.