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methocarbamol price institute First time home buyer tax credit benefitting the economy.

$8000 Tax Credit For Buyers Ends December First

Maryland home sales have been helped by the $8000 tax credit. However the tax credit will expire December first.

Seller Has To Restore Property

Recently, I was at a walk-thru with my buyer on a sale in Laurel, Maryland. The walk-thru is typically done a few days before settlement and is done to make sure the home is the same condition it was at the time of ratification. In this particualar walk-thru it was discovered the basement carpet was […]

Loan Modification

If you bought a home in the last couple of years and are having trouble paying your mortgage, loan modification is an option. The type of loan you have makes a difference. If you have an FHA loan, the government offers two options.  One is the partial claim.  Simpley put,  the partial claim allows you to […]

Why Do People Fall For Mortgage Fraud?

Greed. That’s it, greed. A couple of years ago, I was at a clients home for dinner.  I sold this woman the home we were in the year before.  Her whole family was there.  I like these people.  They are nice.  They had always invited me over for dinner. At some point during the evening […]