Buyer Agent In Laurel Maryland If you are shopping for еvaluate septran tablet price Laurel, Md. real estate yaz cost , make sure you have a buyer agent who knows the area.

There are three types of agency.  incorporate The first is the seller’s agent.  The seller’s agent is responsilbe for looking out for the seller’s interest above all else.  If you call a listing agent on a home, that agent is not working for you, she is working for the seller and will put the seller’s interest ahead of yours.

The second is the buyer’s agent.  The buyer’s agent works exclusively with the potential home purchaser.  This type of agent puts your interest ahead of the seller’s interest.  submit The buyer’s agent is legally mandated to look after the purchasers interest.

The third type of agency is the duel agent.  This is a rare form of agency that occurs when the agent represents both the buyer and the seller.

If you are looking for a home, make sure you have a signed agreement with a buyer agent to represent you.  It is also helpful if the buyer agent knows the area.  I have lived in the greater Laurel Maryland area for the past twenty years and am very familiar with the housing in Laurel.  I am able to give expert advice on purchasing Laurel real estate.


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