Why Buy With Me?

Buying a home is the biggest financial decision most people will make in their lifetime.   I have spent over 20 years helping buyers navigate the complex process of buying a home.  I have extensive knowledge of Laurel, Md. and the surrounding areas.  Put my knowledge, experience and expertise to work for you.


Homes For Sale

Interested in a particular price range, a certain number of bedrooms, or golf course homes?  Click on the links below for a quick search of homes that match what you are looking for.


What is the importance of getting pre-approved for a mortgage? How do you go about getting pre-approved?

Getting a pre-approval for a mortgage should be one of the very first steps before buying a home.   A pre-approval gives you the knowledge of how much you can afford.  It also allows you to discover if there are any issues with your credit, so that you can work on getting them resolved.   And when it is time to buy a home the pre-approval letter will show the seller you are qualified to purchase the property.

Most licensed lenders can give you a pre-approval letter after getting certain information from you.

Escrow and Closing Costs

What is escrow? Are there any closing costs that buyers should be aware of? What is the process of purchasing a home?

Normally, buyers should be prepared to bring about three percent of the purchase price to the settlement to cover their closing cost. Sometimes some of the buyer’s closing cost can be paid by the seller or a government program.

Home Warranty

What is a home warranty? Is it worth purchasing? Do you provide a home warranty as a closing gift?

A home warranty is optional coverage on various items in a property.   If a covered appliance breaks down, a buyer can call the warranty company and they will repair the item.    The buyer will have a small deductible to pay and warranty will pick up the rest of the cost.  Home owner warranties cost anywhere between $250.00 to $550.


Are you relocating to this area? Looking for more information to help you find the right city and neighborhood for your family?

Let me know and I will send you some helpful links to help you do your research on the areas you are interested in.


First-Time Buyers

Are you a first time buyer of Maryland real estate?  Both the Federal government and the state of Maryland offer programs to first time home buyers.  First time home buyer programs help with down payment and or settlement cost.   Contact me today to see if you qualify for one of these programs.



Are you a senior citizen looking for an adult community?   Seniors have many choices for an adult community in Laurel Md. and in the greater area.  Many of these communities offer numerous amenities.

Moving Van

Moving van, handyman, electrician, plumber and more.  Do you need any of these to help you move into your new home or to get your old home ready to sell?  I have a list of licensed professionals that are ready to help  you.  Just let me know what you need!