My Little Town

As I was walking my littel girl to Bond Mill Elementary school in Laurel Md this morning, I waived to a woman on the other side of the street.  This woman’s name is ‘Kim’.  We exchanged waves and a smile.  I had recently met Kim at Bond Mill Elementary event.  Both our children were in the drama departments most recent production.

As I waved to Kim, it made me think about all the people I have met since I moved to Laurel Md from Gaithersburg Md about 15 years ago.  I grew up in Montgomery County Md.  Those of us in Montgomery County had a bad impression of Laurel Md.  However, since moving to Laurel I realized those bad impressions were wrong.

In the last 15 years Laurel has grown on me.  Laurel Md is a great place to live.  I feel like I am a member of this town.  I know many of the people in my neighborhood.   Its nice to wave to familier faces.  All of these nice people know my daughter and I know their children.

My little town, Laurel Md, really feels like home.

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