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Schools and Education
The unincorporated area of Bethesda and its Maryland real estate is the most affluent area of Montgomery County. Bethesda is highly educated and is listed in Forbes list of most livable cities (2009). In fact, Bethesda is the best educated city with a population over 50,000 in the United States. Not only does Forbes magazine single out Bethesda, but Self magazine also calls Bethesda one of the healthiest places for women to live. Those who own Maryland real estate in Bethesda will also live among eight Pulitzer Prize winners!

Bethesda is home to great schools and quality education. The schools in Bethesda rank extremely high across Maryland, and the 27 private schools that operate in Bethesda. The book, The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids, is about Bethesda. Almost anywhere near Bethesda, Maryland real estate is a great choice of locations because you there are great schools in the area.

Things Around Town

This area of Maryland real estate has plenty of fascinating things to do. Golf, parks, historical sites and governmental agencies abound in the area give the residents and tourists in Bethesda a wide range of activities and sight-seeing opportunities. If you really enjoy golf, Tiger Wood’s annual tournament, the AT&T National, is held at the Congressional Country Club. The Clara Barton Historical site is located on the Potomac River. And if you are not into the outdoors and recreation scene that Maryland real estate has to offer, there is great shopping– Bethesda Row Shopping Complex has many stores, including an Apple Store.

Places to Work

Bethesda is extremely close to the Washington, DC area and all the jobs that are offered in DC. Many large corporations and institutions (Lockheed, National Institutes of Health, Consumer Product Safety, and the National Navy Medical Center) are close to Bethesda Maryland real estate, in many cases less than a 20 minute drive away.

Going Places

Bethesda, Maryland real estate is close to major airports and transportation hubs for those who need to make a quick trip. The Washington Metro sends the redline into downtown Bethesda. Prefer to fly? Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is only a 30 minute drive. If you simply want to leave your Maryland real estate behind and visit the Big Apple, there are bus services that will take you to Manhattan and directly to Macy’s on 34th Street in New York City. Interstate 495 bypasses the area of Washington and Arlington and runs along the north side of Bethesda and connects with I-95 and I-270, both convenient ways to travel the rest of the nation. Friends and relatives can them easy ways to get to you and your Maryland real estate.

A Place to Call Home

Bethesda has plenty of choices when it comes to Maryland real estate. Condominiums and town homes are available for singles and retirees who want comfortable living without the hassle of owning a home. The town attracts many professionals looking for luxury homes in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan areas. Families will find great neighborhoods to raise their children. Bethesda has Maryland real estate for everyone