Best Home Improvement Projects For Maryland Real Estate Owners

If you plan on selling your Maryland real estate fairly soon or in the future, then you’ll probably want to know which home renovation projects are worthwhile for increasing your asking price. In the past, Maryland real estate agents told sellers that buyers were looking for new bathrooms and updated kitchens. However, these renovations were extremely expensive and difficult to gauge. After all, everyone has distinctive tastes, right?

According to local Maryland real estate contractor C. Clary Contracting, the best value for your dollar can be found in these four renovations:

1.      Front Door – Maryland real estate owners will see a 135.5 % return on their $1,098 investment.

2.      Garage Door – Maryland real estate owners will see a 91.6% return on their $1,178 investment.

3.      Siding – Maryland real estate owners will see an 85.4% return on their $13,106 investment.

4.      Windows – Maryland real estate owners will see a 77% return on their investment.

Some Maryland real estate projects you might want to skip include adding a sunroom (where you can only hope to recoup 50.2% of the $70,999 you put in) and remodeling your home office (which only brings in 48.2% of the $27,223 cost).

Siding, windows and doors present a fresh exterior and a great first impression for Maryland real estate being sold.