Bart’s Barber Shop In Laurel Maryland

About three months ago my wife asked me to start growing a beard.  She just wanted to see what I would look like with a beard.  Well after about three weeks I had a very healthy looking growth on my face.  However, though it looked nice, it needed to be trimmed and groomed.

So off we went to Laurel Center Mall on Route One to Bart’s Barber Shop.  Bart’s Barber Shop is “old school”.  It has the little barber poll on the door that swirls around.  You walk in and notice all the barber chairs to the left and customer seats to the right.  As soon as you walk-in, a barber in a white coat assist you to their chair.  Once in the chair the grooming and hair cut can begin.

Don’t forget that I said, “walk-in”.  No appointment necessary.

I told the nice young lady I wanted a beard trim, and she needed to ask my wife for the details.  My wife explained how she wanted my beard to look and the process began.  Fist the electric clippers.  Then I tilted my head back and was treated to some hot shaving cream on my face.  Then I felt the sharp blade of the barber’s straight edge giving me a close shave.

I don’t care what kind of razor you have, nothing gets my face as smooth as a stright edge razor.  I can’t get over how smooth my face feels when I am done.

At Bart’s Barber shop in Laurel Maryland, you can get a shave, a trim and a haircut for a very reasonable price. In fact, you can find me at Bart’s Barber Shop at least once a week now.


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