Back To School In Laurel Maryland

Monday it was back to school time for Laurel Maryland children who live in Prince Georges County.

My daughter started her first day at Martin Luther King Middle School in Beltsville Maryland.  It is the first time she will take a bus to school.   After years of walking to Bond Mill Elementary School in Laurel, now she rides the school bus.  She has always wanted to ride the bus.

Another first, she has to wear a uniform this year.  She seems to like the novelty of wearing a uniform.  I don’t know if she will feel this way the whole time in middle school, but for now its fine.

Probably the best part of going to school Martin Luther King is being able to sleep later. My daughter does not have to get up until 7:30 a.m.  The later time has made our mornings much less hectic.

She heads out the door around 8:15 to head towards the bus stop on Bounds Ave in West Laurel.  She retruns around 4:40 in the afternoon.  Her return time from Martin Luther King to Laurel is about two hours later than when she went to Bond Mill Elementary.

She was nervous the first day, but now she seems fine with school and is enjoying her time in middle school.


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