A Quick Visit To The Laurel Meat Market

My wife and I always have the family over for dinner on Sunday nights at our home in Laurel Maryland.

Today, we were looking for some Flank Steak for wraps we were going to serve for dinner.  Well if you need meat for any meal, there is only one place to go.

The Laurel Meat Market in Laurel Maryland.

The Laurel Meat Market is located on Main St in Prince Georges County part of Laurel Md.  You can’t miss it.  Its the only store on Main Street with a big cow in the front of it.  The cow is practically a Laurel Md landmark.

As you can see from the video up above, The Meat Market is full of delicious meats in all shapes and sizes.  You can even buy a whole cow if you like!

This video shows some of the variety meat at the Laurel Meat Market:

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